Thursday, January 2, 2014

Food and Nutrition Vocabulary Cards

Anyone doing their nutrition unit with the new year?
This set of real food picture vocabulary cards might just be the thing you need!

Nutrition cards cover

This is a set of title cards and food picture cards (with food names on them) for practicing food classification and learning about nutrition in general. The cards have real pictures to give students a more accurate idea of what each food looks like (which my buyers tell me is one of the best things about them!).

25 pages:

-16 title cards (several options for how you want to sort or use them)

-63 food cards including foods for all the food groups and fats/oils as well as unhealthy choices. 
 Nutrition cards thumb 2

 There are title cards for: food, nutrition, healthy, unhealthy, beef, pork, grain, poultry, seafood, junk food, legumes, dairy, protein, meat, vegetables, fruit

The title cards can be used for bulletin board labeling, pocket chart sorting/classifying, or center work.

There are 63 food picture cards that can be used for the same ideas, and one blank card so you can have a template to add any extra cards you want to create. There are two different "produce" cards so you can also use whichever you like.

 Nutrition cards thumb 3

 I recommend laminating the title cards and animal cards for durability.

Head on over to my TPT store and download these for only $2! 

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