Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Synonym Pockets for Teaching Shades of Meaning!

I just added these to my store. 
These are similar to my multiplication hidden pockets here and the spelling idea in my upper grade spelling practice ideas packet here.

This 42 page document (not including the cover) contains 35 common words students use in their writing, plus three synonyms for each that vary in nuance.

This can be used for independent, whole class, or small group practice. It meets Common Core Standards for grades 2-7 (mostly in literacy CCSS-ELA - gradelevel.5).

I chose the words based on student writing so they’ll be improving their knowledge of synonyms and improving their writing vocabulary at the same time.

Here's how it's arranged: students have the three word synonym sticks that go in a pocket with the main word. They put the word sticks in the pocket in order of strength of connotation. For color words they can order the synonyms from lightest to darkest or visa versa.

These pockets lend themselves to a variety of uses. Since there are 35 words, you can have each students arrange one at a time and them keep them moving in a circuit around the room. You could have students practice alone and self check or play it like a game in groups of 2 or more. Student directions are included for game playing so it could easily be a center. They could also all be mixed up and students required to figure out which words are synonyms for which pockets.

The pockets and words can be printed on card stock and laminated for durability. Also, cards can be printed 2 or more per page to make smaller versions or save card stock.

Pages are black lined so you can print, cut out, and assemble(photo directions included).

This document contains:
-35 words with 3 synonyms each (one page per word set)
-key with synonyms in order by “shades of meaning” so students can self check
-student game directions for easy centers or practice game time
-assembly directions (easy and a older students or parents can help)
-Directions and 7 ideas for using these with the whole class, small group, individual, partners, and during guided practice in the classroom.

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