Saturday, January 4, 2014

Transportation Unit Vocabulary Cards

These are very similar to my Animal Sorting Cards (my overall best seller!) only these are transportation words!

Transportation cover 
Though I have the animal cards in both English and Spanish, the transportation cards are only in English for now.
This is a set of title cards and transportation picture cards (with names on them) for practicing transportation classification and vocabulary. The cards have real pictures to give students a more accurate idea of what each vehicle or item looks like.

16 pages:

-12 title cards with adorable tire tread background detail
-6 picture cards

There are title cards for: vehicle, transportation, air, water, land, ride, walk, fly, drive, road, sidewalk, how we move

Transportation thumbnail 2
The title cards can be used for: bulletin board labeling, pocket chart sorting/classifying, or center work, word walls or word banks, vocabulary practice and games.

There are also 36 transportation cards that can be used for the same ideas.

Transporation thumbnail 3

I recommend laminating the title cards and picture cards for durability.

Head on over to my TPT or TN shop and get your set today!  They're a steal at only $2!

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