Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sale This Thursday and Friday!

I'm having a sale in my store February 27th and 28th!  The entire store will be 28% off! 

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 March 1st I'll be giving out a hidden pockets template to my followers for free!  Next week it won't be free, but it will be available to the general public for a small fee. 

I'll spend the next few weeks posting several ideas for how to use these in all subject areas and for all grades!

See yesterday's post for more information about the hidden pocket templates, then head on over to my store score some deals!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Freebie Is Coming!

I have a freebie coming March 1 for my Teacher's Pay Teachers shop followers!  

I have made several units with these and they are so versatile!  I've used them in my upper grade spelling practice unit, in my multiplication hidden pockets, and in my synonyms -shades of meaning practice sets.

 I'll be posting more ideas, here on my blog, for how to use them in any subject area in the coming weeks.

March 1st I'll be sending all my followers on Teacher's Pay Teachers a free copy of the blank pockets to add your own words, practice, ideas, etc... You'll have the option to get a PDF or a Word file (the Word file is one you can alter and type in your own ideas).

Later in March I'll be listing the blank pockets for $1 in my store.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Lucky Charm Math Game!

This versatile game challenges students to use mental math, multiplication, division, algebra, and some seriously critical thinking to play!

It can be printed off and used as a "craftivity", or played individually or pairs/small groups.

Students have shamrock game boards with given answers. They have to use the number cards and operation signs to fill in the shamrocks to equal the number on the stem.

This game further helps students practice mental by weighing heavily on the 3-7 multiplication tables (which most students need extra practice in) and uses major marker numbers (10, 100, 50, 25).

Allow students plenty of time for this one!

You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop here:

for only $2!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Science Vocabulary Game!

New in my store this week is this Earth Science vocabulary matching game!


This fabulous matching game is a great way to get your students practicing and using earth science related vocabulary. You can omit words when making the games if there are some that aren't part of your teaching goals, and even add in a word of your own on the blank card section provided!

Helps meet many common core standards!

Played like Memory (TM)
14 pages


-31 words: erosion, deposition, wind erosion, water erosion, geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, soil, rock characteristics, changes in Earth's surface, core, fossil, glacier, earthquake, fault, volcanic eruption, plate tectonics, crust, mantle, layers, lithosphere, magma, lava, rock cycle, weathering, minerals, and a blank card set to add your own.

-answer key in case you want students to be able to self check

-blank card set to include your own words

-pictures of game and organization tips

-optional decorative back (for the back of the cards)

-student directions

 You can get it today in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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Copying, redistributing, or posting elsewhere online is a violation of my copyright

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Organizing For A Substitute

I was in an old friend's classroom a few weeks ago and she has this great book she made for when she has substitutes.  I've always had a basic info thing that goes to each sub, but I thought this book, made of file folders, was pure genius!

The above picture is the front.  There are tabs for the basic schedules, classroom routines, the plans for the day, etc...  then behind that are tabs for each subject with any standards instructions (like how we do cursive practice) and worksheets, etc... for that day.

Below is a side view.  You can see that the folders are attached together so it's a book.  She glues the back of one file to the front of the next.

I forgot to mention the tabs for class and school map, class list, etc...

The folders were in a general order for how the day went so it would be nice to just walk around progressing through the book all day!

What are your tips for making a day smooth for a substitute?