Saturday, February 15, 2014

Organizing For A Substitute

I was in an old friend's classroom a few weeks ago and she has this great book she made for when she has substitutes.  I've always had a basic info thing that goes to each sub, but I thought this book, made of file folders, was pure genius!

The above picture is the front.  There are tabs for the basic schedules, classroom routines, the plans for the day, etc...  then behind that are tabs for each subject with any standards instructions (like how we do cursive practice) and worksheets, etc... for that day.

Below is a side view.  You can see that the folders are attached together so it's a book.  She glues the back of one file to the front of the next.

I forgot to mention the tabs for class and school map, class list, etc...

The folders were in a general order for how the day went so it would be nice to just walk around progressing through the book all day!

What are your tips for making a day smooth for a substitute?

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