Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Create Your Own Lapbooks With This Huge Tempate Pack!

Have you wanted to make lapbooks or interactive notebooks with your students but felt overwhelmed by all the work it appears to be? Or maybe you already use lapbooks and foldables to teach but you’d like more templates and ideas to choose from. Maybe you’re tired of buying templates for one project and would like something a little more versatile.

What if you could find a package of templates and ideas to get you going? What if the hardest part of the work was photocopying the templates and looking at the list of ideas to decide which parts to use? What if any of them could be used in any of your subject areas?

Look no further! This document has more than 50 templates for use in lapbooks, interactive notebooks, or foldable lessons. It also has pictures of lapbook samples and several pages of ideas to use many of the elements across subject areas!

This 38 page document includes:

-Instructions for making simple, single folder lapbooks, and for making multiple folder lapbooks

-Photo samples of a simple and multiple folder lapbook
-More than 50 templates to use!
-4 pages of ideas for using the templates in various subjects and grade levels. Just start reading them and more ideas will pop into your head!
-A teacher rubric to use for grading
-A student planning page to help them plan out their own, independent lapbook project (just make a bunch of copies and let them plan their own lapbook project out!)

Just to give you a hint of the templates provided here, there are foldables in several shapes, social media frames, a graphing and data grid, multiple sizes/shapes of pockets and inserts, flow chart pieces, banners for titles, tabs for step books, gate folds, petal books, several shapes and sizes of mini brochures, and more!

I’ve combined as many templates on one page as possible so you have less printing and copying pages to do!

Head on over to my TPT or TN store today and pick up your packet!  All grade levels, all subject matters, only $4.50!

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Copying, redistributing, or posting elsewhere online is a violation of my copyright. You can use there for personal classroom or homeschool use only.


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