Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Earth Day Ideas I've Pinned

Earth Day is right around the corner and it's a day I love to celebrate!  Today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite Earth Day pins.  I've tried to link them to their original source instead of Pinterest, but you can always find them on my Pinterest boards here:  .  If you click on the pics they'll take you to the original source I pinned.

Up first are some books!  

This is a list of books that are great for Earth Day reading from Memetales.  Some are old favorites and some are newer.  It s a great list.

And since a lot of people read The Lorax on Earth Day, I'll share this craft I came across.  Easy, adorable, but had no viable link.  Good thing it's easy to tell how to do it from the picture. ;)

Wouldn't this be an adorable decoration for a kids room as well as a classroom?!

One more list of books, these are about trees and can be a great resource for Earth Day or Arbor Day (which is also fairly close).

This blog post also has a link or two to some activities from the BBC and Sesame Street. 

How about this fun Earth Day craft?

The old glue and tissue paper craft never fails to wow me when sun is shining through it. :)

A day like Earth Day is best ended with an action item.  How about an Earth Day pledge?

The pledge didn't have a page attached to it.  Darn broken links!  But I love the hand print on the Earth.

And last but not least, we can't have an Earth Day without a lab.  Demonstrating an oil spill is a great one from Second Grade Delicious!

And of course I have a pack in my store of Earth Day activities for 1-3 graders!  Ideas, vocabulary, printables, sorting and more!

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