Monday, March 10, 2014

Using Hidden Pockets for Language Arts - A Few Ideas

Alright, so we've covered a few math ideas for these. Today we're exploring just a few options for ELA.

Hidden pockets can be used to practice comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, etc... How?  I'm glad you ask! ;)

I'm using the story Grandfather's Journey to demonstrate all these ideas but they can all be tweaked to fit other stories at any grade level.

Let's start with a character sort.

Make a pocket for each character in a story or book. Then put a short description on the sticks.  Students match hidden tabs to the name on the pockets.

Many books have multiple settings. 

 I like to have students write a short description of one setting in a book and label the pocket with the place.  Then they can be mixed with others and students match descriptions to the correct place.

There are always comprehension questions!  

Question on the outside, answer on the inside.  Mix them all up and students match the correct answers to their questions.  Again, this is a good one for students to do themselves and trade.


Put words on the pockets, definitions on the sticks.  Mix them up.  Students match.  Are you starting to see a bit of how my brain works with these?

How about grammar? 

 You could have a sentence on the outside with the incorrect form of a word.  Students have several sticks to choose from, one of them the correct form of the word.  That one goes in the pocket.

Or how about this one below where I made parts of speech pockets and students sorted words on sticks into the correct pocket:

And lastly (not pictured because I almost forgot about it!)...spelling!

For this one you leave the pocket blank, have a student write the spelling word correctly in large letters on the stick, and then they spell the word aloud one letter at a time, checking after each letter by slowly pulling the hidden stick out, one letter at a time.

I have also used them for sorting synonyms in order by strength of connotation.  You can find those in my store here. 

If you missed the post on using these in math, go here.

The hidden pocket template is available in my TPT store for only $1!

I'll be doing two more posts with these showing how to use them in science and social studies.  Thanks for stopping by!

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