Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Using Hidden Pockets for Math - A Few Ideas

I mentioned in a previous post that I gave away a free copy of my hidden pockets template to my TPT followers this month.  It's now listed in my store for only $1 for the rest of the population!  I have a few posts lined up to explain ways to use them in all grades and subject areas.

If you bought my upper grade spelling activities packet, you don't need to purchase this, there's a copy in the packet.  It's also in the hidden multiplication math facts practice and the synonyms - shades of meaning product. 

But just in case you need a few more ideas about how to use these, today we'll look at math ideas.  I have other subjects lines up for the future as well.

First, there's the ever obvious, have several pockets with short problems to solve and several answer sticks.  Students have to match the correct answer to the correct problem.  These samples are about a grade 2-3 level but this can be done with any grade level!

And don't forget you can switch it up too!  How about having several pockets with answers and several problems.  Students have to match them.


Of course they can be easier or harder problems for different grades.  They can include multiplication and division, even algebra.

 The pockets can also be used for vocabulary review.  Have a stack of pockets with math terms, and a stack of hidden sticks with definitions, examples, or pictures, and students match them.  Here we have students in 4th grade matching geometry terms. 

What about ordering things from least to greatest or visa versa?  In earlier grades it could be simple numbers and can emphasize place value.  In the example below we have students ordering fractions with unlike denominators.

You could go a step further by having them order numbers from completely different forms or expressions.

The possibilities really are endless.  Just think about what your grade learns and I'll be you fit the practice of those skills with these hidden pockets.  If you can't think of a way but want to, let me know!  I'm sure I can think of one!

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