Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Using Hidden Pockets for Science - A Few Ideas

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Today we're discussing Science uses for the hidden pockets!

Let's start with the basic questions and answers.  These are great for test review and to have students create their own and swap to quiz each other!  Just have the question pockets in one stack, and the answers mixed up.  Students match the correct answer to the correct question.

I don't have a picture of this one, but vocabulary is always a great one for the hidden pockets.  I had a picture and it magically disappeared while cropping it!  Seriously?! 

Just put words on the pockets, and a stack of the definitions in a separate stack.  Students match the correct definitions to the correct words.

True and false statements work well with these too!  Have a bunch of statements on the pockets and a stack of true and false sticks.  Kids put the true or false in the pocket.

How about putting things in order?  Below we have two examples.  One of them has a student order the events that take place in photosynthesis.  The other example shows ordering the parts of a food chain.

Lastly, don't forget cause an effect.  Students can match causes (on the sticks) to effects (on the pockets).  There are lots of cause and effect relationships in science!

If you'd like your own black line master of the hidden pockets, you can get a template in my store for only $1!

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