Monday, April 7, 2014

Some Fabulous Idea Finds From Around the Web

Last time I did this I shared some Earth Day ideas I digitally collected.  Today is a lot more random, just some great stuff I've seen (and pinned) lately!  If you click on each picture it'll get you to the source.

I really liked the visual representation here with the fractions and decimals.  I used to do something similar with my students but I love the color factor of this one from Real Teachers Learn.

A great website with interactive Social Studies games:

 One of these days I'm going to put on both a family math night and an art show at my kids' school! This is an art exhibit type idea I love:

Love this Haiku tunnel book made with a postcard from!

 Tunnel books are fun and unique!  This one uses a post card for a prompt and a haiku to go with it.   Great, great post! 
 And I'm totally going to have to make myself one of these aprons from Mary Markowski!

In addition to pinning super fabulous ideas, I've been doing some moderate reorganizing of my boards.  I decided too many varying things were going into my classroom management and discipline board so I've added a new pin board - The Cute ClassroomHead on over and check out all the educational cuteness now!

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