Saturday, July 12, 2014

Using Hidden Pockets for Social Studies and History - A Few Ideas

This is the final post for ideas for using hidden pockets in all grades and subject areas.  If you missed math, science, and ELA, see the links below.

The first thing that ever popped into my head when I thought of using my hidden pockets in history was a timeline.  Really, any order of events would work: steps that led to the Civil War, an item from oldest to newest (like pen, computer, smart phone), major events in the history of a state, the list goes on.  Just put the event on the pocket, and mix up the sticks inside for a student to put in order.  Each stick should have one event.

Questions and answers:  This one is great for students to do.  Have everyone write a question on the pocket and answer on the stick for a given topic (say, ancient China for example).  Then take a groups' pockets, mix up the answers, and trade them with another group to figure out.  You could also do these yourself if there are particular things you want your students to be able to answer.  Can we say test review?

Vocabulary've seen this in all 4 posts now. ;)  Word on the pocket, definition on the stick.  Mix up the sticks and have students sort them into their matching pockets.

Cause and Effect relationships:  I forgot to add this one to science! And ELA!  What was I thinking?! Really though, cause on the outside, effect on the inside.  Mix up the sticks and have students match the effect to its cause.

If you want to see how you can use the blank hidden pocket template in other subject areas see these posts:

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