Sunday, September 28, 2014

Poetry and Art Through the Year!

Looking for ways to incorporate poetry and art lessons into your curriculum but too busy aggregating data to figure how?

This 73 page Unit is right up your alley! And if you collect the projects during the year they make a great book for students as a farewell gift.

 One poem a month.

One art project per month to go with it.

There are 11 poetry and art projects in this pack so you have choices!

They are listed in the table of contents with a suggested month, but you could easily adapt them to another time of year with very little creativity.

Included poems and projects are:
I Am Poem and Paper Printing (August or September)
Change Poem and Tissue Decoupage (September – November)
Color Poem and Pastel Shading (October or November)
Fall Poem and Texture Rubbing Collage (October or November)
Noun Verse and Masking (December – February)
Pantoum and Paper Piecing w/ Mood & Color (January – March)
Diamante with Pointillism (March – May)
Haiku with Eric Carle Style Collage (April or May)
Pyramid Poem with Crayon Resist (April through June)
Found Poem w/Watercolor Wash & Positive Negative Image (May or June)
Freedom Cinquain with Paper Weaving (June)

With each project you get:
- a different type of poem, with a description of how it’s written along with the basics of the lesson
- a poetry frame for writing the first draft
- an art project with photographs of directions during the making the project and a final project photo.

The final projects looks great on the walls, and the final book makes a great, sentimental gift.

Head on over to my TPT store or my Teacher's Notebook store to get this now!  Get started this month!

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