Sunday, October 12, 2014

Integrated Fluency and Science - Erosion and Weathering

I've started having students practice fluency with re-readings about 12 years ago.  I like to use texts I write about whatever we're working on in science and social studies for these so we're doubling up on subject matter. 

With CCSS, more people are focusing on both fluency and non-fiction.  It just now occurred to me that other people might be interested in these texts as well.  (Can we say, "Duh!" moment?)

Anyway, I'm starting with the earth sciences.  This one is for slow changes to the Earth's surface and I'm working on the fast changes one. 

Use these for fluency practice, close reading, science content, centers, or comprehension practice!

What’s Included:

-3 magazine style, differentiated passages about erosion and weathering. The copyright section on each page has an L, M, or H for low, medium, high. The passages are very similar, with the exact same information, but slightly altered in reading levels for differentiation. They range in Lexile levels from 760-900. Each passage is numbered so students can easily determine their WPM.

-Passages are written magazine/newspaper article style, with headings and pictures

-Graph for students to chart their progress

-Teacher record sheet

-Directions for how to use and teacher plans for a week (daily plans)

-A short vocabulary intro of related tier 2 and tier 3 words

- A short comprehension component for the end of the week

-‘I can’ statement to use in a fluency station or wherever you might post them

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