Monday, March 2, 2015

Book Review - The Next Time You See ... Series

When I was in Long Beach for the NSTA (National Science Teacher's Association) conference last December, I had a fabulous time in two separate classes with teacher and author Emily Morgan. 
In fact, I won this book:

It's awesome!

Her whole Next Time You See... line rocks.  It's full of fun facts, but presented in an earthy, emotional connection to life, just like our students often feel when they learn new things about our planet. They reflect the wonder of young minds and complex creation.

I love that these books get into tiny details that are interesting to read about, and also zoom out into the big picture that shows nature all working together.  And let's not forget the activities that are suggested!  Totally fun exploration ideas for both teachers and parents are found in each book.

When I won this book, I got first choice of a stack.   I love this one, but I had to admit that I was slightly sad because I was passing up these two awesome books that I had already written on my wish list:

and the brand new:

But we don't have many maples where I am and we have 0 fireflies (insert bawling mom and teacher here).  I chose the moon book because I could use it with my own kids that night. And I did.

Also in the line (and equally as fabulous) are:

I love them all.  These books were my favorite new addiction from this conference.  I hope she writes many more!

You can find out more about Emily Morgan and this Next Time You See... line here.

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