Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easter Learning Experiences for Upper Elementary

Why should primary teachers and students get to have all the fun around the holidays?!

I decided to compile a list of ideas I could find for 4th grade and older revolving around Easter: eggs, jellybeans, spring flowers, bunnies, etc...and of course share them!  Don't forget a lot of these supplies are available from dollar stores too!

You've seen those cute Pinterest ideas where a teacher puts an addition problem on one half the egg and the answer on another half and the students have to match the problem to the answer right?  Why not do that with upper grade math?  Try equivalent fraction matching, an algebra problem with the solved part, multiplication tables, etc...  Just be sure to either mis-match the colors or use all one color egg so students don't know the answer just by matching the pink top and bottom, the blue top and bottom, etc...

You could also use the egg carton along with the plastic eggs to make the same types of problems.  Just put the answer in the carton instead of on the other half of the egg.

Or coordinate graphing with jelly beans!  You could have a set of coordinates for students to put jelly bean markers on, then reveal your own with answers so they can check theirs against yours. The one below even makes an egg picture!


Zentagles are easy to create.  Just find a clip art black line of an egg, cross, bunny, etc... and make it the size of a whole page.  Then Have students section it off and add their own designs and colors to each section.

Crayon resist also makes a statement. Use white or black crayon on a white page to draw an egg or spring picture.  Then watercolor wash it and watch the magic happen.

Social Sciences

Put numbers on the eggs and hide "artifacts" inside.  These could be miniature artifacts or little clip art pictures you find online.  List clues with the number for what's inside each egg.  Students can guess and then check inside the egg to see if they're correct.

There are a ton of jelly bean and egg science experiments out there!

How about this one from Martha Steward Crafts that creates geodes out of eggs?

Or try my recently posted Naked Egg lab where you use chemical reactions to dissolve the shell off an egg and then learn osmosis by creating situations where water passes into and out of the egg through the membrane!

How about egg drop soup?  When I was in 7th grade we had to do this project called egg drop soup. We had to engineer our own container that would keep a raw egg from breaking when the teacher dropped it off the top of a ladder (the container was homework, the dropping was done at school).  There were only 2 successful designs.  Mine was one of them. ;)  I'm still proud.


How about creative writing?  Put a few small objects in an egg.  Each one can be different.  Students have to create a story that uses all of the objects.  Even better, the setting has to be in the time frame you are studying in Social Studies. :)

Or you could have students choose the objects.  Then they write descriptive clues and trade with others to guess what's inside.

Those are just a few ideas that will hopefully lead to some upper grade fun!

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