Saturday, June 13, 2015

Target Inspired Cooperative Murals

I was shopping in Target one day.  With a little time to kill before picking up the kids I decided to have a coffee in the Starbucks inside and sit with my to do list to get my thoughts in order.

These were on the wall:

I immediately thought, "I could do that with a class!"

The next week I had the opportunity.

This is how it came out with third graders:

We made two projects with the one set of pieces.  The first was a card for their teacher whose sister just died.  She loves art so I knew she'd love this.

This second piece was a mini mural for her classroom display.

Here's how we made them:

-I gave each student a 4"x4" piece of white paper.  You can make them any size as long as they are square.

-I gave each table a 3.75" circle pattern and a 1.5" circle pattern to draw two concentric circles on the square.  How's that for a math lesson, concentric circles!  Gotta love geometry. 

I showed them how to use the border around the outside to see if the pattern was centered before tracing. 

This is slightly different from the Target art in that I had each student make a whole target shaped picture instead of a large section of a target.  It was easier to manage this way and still came out great.

-I showed students how to fill in each section with a different pattern.  I warned them against drawing an actual picture because it would get cut up.  No families, houses, etc.... Pick a pattern and fill in a section (dots, strips, paisleys, rainbows, etc...), then pick a new one for the next section, etc...

-Next, each student brought me their square and I cut them each into 4ths.  I allowed each child to pick one piece to keep, one went on the card, and the other two went on the mural.  I had a large sheet of plain black paper ready for the backing and I glued pieces on.

Viola!  Some fabulous collaborative art.  The teacher loved her card, and now has a new idea for next year's Art Walk and Ice Cream Social Night.

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  1. I loved this idea. I'm always looking for easy art projects. Thanks for sharing.