Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Elementary Professor is Now on Instagram!

I finally broke down and started an Instagram account for my TPT/TN store.  You can find me at:


Who's going to be the first follower?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Cumulative Number and Number Word Practice 0-30

Summer is on the downhill slope, and while it's not time to get stressed about the impending school year and stop enjoying the days off, it is time to start thinking about putting together some units, decorations, organizing features, etc....you know that list.  I've got a new product for the younger years!
This pack has groups of numbers put together in ways to practice those recently learned, along with those newly learned.  Students fill in the shapes according the the number or number word inside the shape.

The above example is for the 0-1 page but there are lots of combos.

Great for centers or math stations, homework, seat work, guided practice, individual practice, you name it, it fits!  And it's just copy and use!

You could make them reusable for centers by placing them in protecting sleeves and using dry erase markers.  

Get a whole year of practicing 0-30 for only $3 in my store!