Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Math Missions! An Entire Year of 4th Grade Problem of the Week Booklets

I put these in my store yesterday.  It's been a long term project for me...a labor of love. 

Math Missions (AKA – Problem of the Week) help you support your students’ understanding and application of the Mathematical Practices on a consistent basis. This is a comprehensive packet that covers all domains and almost every standard!

Each little booklet walks yours students through the processes of evaluating the problem, deciding on an approach and order of approach steps, working through the math, and explaining their reasoning.

These are ready to print, copy, and use!


The Math Missions pack includes 37 problems (that’s enough for the entire school year!) , centered around 4th grade standards. They cover all domains (Numbers and Base Ten, Geometry, etc…). They can be used for remediation in 5th and 6th grades as well.

These are all aligned with common core standards and are consistent with the Smarter Balanced Assessment style.

I've included a rubric and methodology for getting started with these, helping you and your kiddos get the most out of the process. 

Head on over to my store and pick these up now so you have them all year!

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