Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Earth Environment and Adaptations Vocabulary Card Game

This just in!  It's the first product of the new year in my store.  I'm excited because I'm planning to do a lot more of the science vocabulary card games in the next two months.  If you have a request for a science topic for these games, leave it in the comments below!


This fabulous Go Fish style matching game is a great way to get your students practicing and using environment and adaptation related vocabulary! You can omit words when making the games if there are some that aren't part of your teaching goals, and even add in a word of your own on the blank card section provided!

Helps meet many common core standards!

Played like Go Fish ®
20 pages


-23 words and their definitions : climate, environment, soil, biome, shelter, humus, adaptation, structure, camouflage, desert, grassland, nocturnal, tropical, temperate, deciduous, forest, hibernate, Arctic tundra, mimicry, coniferous, migrate, permafrost, blubber, and a blank card to add your own.

-answer key in case you want students to be able to self check

-blank card to include your own words

- organization tips

-optional decorative back (for the back of the cards)

-student directions

-teacher directions

Copyright 2016 The Elementary Professor

So what science topics are you getting ready to study?


  1. We're about to study the human body in our classroom! I love that unit. :)

    1. Oh fabulous! Do you study the parts of the body? Or the systems?