Monday, January 25, 2016

Emergency Sub Plans - Science and Literacy - Energy

I just put a new product in my store!  I love having sub plans that are easy to prep, easy for a sub to follow, and still allow some learning for my students.  I hate feeling like having a sub means a wasted day of instruction, just trying to keep the kids busy and behaved.  These types of plans allow me to leave something of value for them to learn.  It may not be the hands on way I'd teach if I were there, but it does teach and build background knowledge for when I address the topic in the future, or review for students if I've already covered the topic.


So here's what this packet is all about:

Emergency sub plans for grades 3-5

There are few things teacher’s hate more than writing sub plans, especially when you’re too sick to drive yourself to school and get it all ready! Allow yourself a day of real rest and recovery by just pointing the sub in the direction of your emergency sub tub or sub file.

This is a totally inclusive unit. There is no need to buy another book to put with this. I have written an original, non fiction, science related reading packet that you can copy for each student. All you need to prep this unit is some photocopy time, some paper clips, and a few minutes to fill in your schedule.

This file addresses the following energy topics:

-What is energy?
- potential vs. kinetic energy
-renewable and nonrenewable resources
-forms of energy: mechanical, electrical, light, thermal, sound, chemical

Here's what you will find in this science and literacy based energy day kit:

-original energy non-fiction selection and re-reading activities
-pre-reading mind map
-potential and kinetic energy sort
-vocabulary chart with pre and post learning fill in areas
-renewable and nonrenewable Venn diagram
-forms of energy accordion book
-simple clean art project
-battery factor pairs practice page
-Vocab word search
-Letter to the teacher

Teacher aids for this included:

-Directions for the sub
-Schedule layouts with options
-Letter to the sub
-answer keys

Head on over to my TPT store and get this so you can prep it now and have it ready for this year's flu season!


  1. This is awesome, Alicia! I am going to have to snag this soon. :) I wish we got to learn about energy in science in third grade. I try to stuff it in during nonfiction reading. :)

  2. Hey, Alicia! I always love reading about your ideas. I hope you will come join my blog's link up!