Saturday, January 2, 2016

How About Some New Year's Freebies?

I found a few things that look fun and decided to share them!

There's a list of books about New Year's Day over at What We Do All Day.  A lot of these I've never heard of so I'm interested in checking them out.

I also really like this mini poster from Addie Education!  It's a free download from Teachers Pay Teachers.  It looks like enough for kids to think and plan, without taking up too much other instructional time.

And lastly is a freebie New Year's pack (11 pages) from Zanah McCauley.  I haven't checked this one out but on first glance it looks doable.

I hope that gives you an idea or two if you're looking to do something New Year's related when you head back to school.  If you have a free idea or product having to do with the new year, put it in the comments below!

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