Monday, February 29, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Pack For Upper Elementary!


Who says primary gets to have all the fun on holidays?!  This pack is filled with fun, but upper elementary appropriate math and language activities!

Everything you need for St. Patrick's Day! This pack has a whole day's worth of valuable learning activities and crosses many subject areas.
30 pages of lucky green learning pages include:

-Rainbow Equivalent Fractions
-Captain's Square Challenge (algebra puzzle)
-12 writing prompts - both fiction and non-fiction
-Art - pattern fill shamrock
-Lucky and green related idioms with meaning chart and matching game
-Lucky Charms Cereal Math Activities (bar graph, pie graph, fraction/decimal/percent, mean/median/mode/range/outlier, geometry coordinate grid
-Non-Fiction reading passage with comprehension questions

Like how I listed those like a rainbow?!  I get giddy with the little things. ;)

Head on over to my TPT store and pick up your pack for only $5! 

Friday, February 26, 2016

5 For Friday


It's been a while since I've done a 5 For Friday.  And this week is a bit of a blur. ;)  But here goes:


1- I've been working on St. Patrick's Day stuff - I made this freebie to go in my shop.  Go download yours for free! It's a math puzzle challenge that uses algebraic thinking to find the values of symbols.  (grades 4-6)

In other news..

2- I'm writing a cookbook and I've been working on some recipes. This week I made a roasted veggie melt.  Seriously so good, I forgot to take a picture before I scarfed it all down.   Ooops.

3-  The weather is crazy here.  We prepared all last year for El Nino and this is our current weather.  No extra rain, still drought.  80's as far as the eye can see.

 There's family news too!

4-  My son got a silver medal in the district science fair!  He's in the environmental division.  His project was to see if biodegradable and compostable' chip bags really were.  We left one in our compost for a year. Nope.  (ignore the fake smile)

And last but not least, spring baseball is here.  Sigh.  I need an attitude adjustment, one that reminds me how thankful I should be that we get to play the sport.

5-  Baseball season started.  I so wasn't ready for this. I am still recuperating from soccer (which ended back in November).  I'm not a good sports mom.  I get so worn out going to all the practices (he's up to three practices a week!) and trying to get kids in bed on time and stick to a healthy dinner instead of drive though.  I could have used another month off.  I might have to schedule a day to make freezer crock pot meals or something.  Any suggestions for recipes?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Captain's Square Math Puzzles and a Freebie!

Have you ever done a captain's square puzzle?  It's the type of puzzle where you have symbols on a grid and have to figure out how much each symbol is worth.  The right side has the sum of each row and the bottom has the sum of each column.  Those are your clues. 

These are great for algebraic thinking and a challenge.

I just posted one in my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store for free!!!  It's a St. Patrick's Day puzzle.  Head over to my store and download it for free today!



Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently...February 2016

Ah February, I'm so glad you're here!  January felt long this year.  Anyone else?  And there are so many exciting things this month...100th day, Valentine's, a four day weekend, and less time until the next pay day!

I'm linking up again this month with Farley for this month's 'Currently.'

Listening - the oven sound is soothing to me in the morning, not sure why. 

Loving- silence.  I've been needing extra silence and calmness lately. 

Thinking- too much to do!!!

Wanting- Seriously, one of the Softees from Entemann's.  I've been without sugar (real and fake) for 33 days now.  Most of my cravings are going away but this one persists. 

Needing- We were able to file a bit early this year, and the return will finish off one of the loans for us. They aren't really due yet, but we've been paying back what we can because interest is accruing.  I have this master 5 year plan to pay of med school, the two new cars we'll need, a kitchen remodel and the house in 5 years so we can start looking for property in another state and be semi-homesteaders.  It's a pretty ambitious plan.  ;)

Swooning- Free mulch!  It's way cheaper to help with my mini fruit orchard and garden.  I was so giddy when I pulled into my driveway yesterday and saw it!