Friday, July 1, 2016

5 For Friday - July 1, 2016!

I can't believe July is here!  It's been a while since I've done a link up with Doodle Bugs.

This is a non-teaching related 5 for Friday.  Mostly.  My brain is just not there!

I've noticed some Back to School sales lately.  Really!?  My summer break just started 3 weeks ago!  I don't want to see this yet!  

It's been in the triple digits every day here for more than a week.  We normally are in the 90's for June so I'm kind of worried about the rest of the summer.  We're also in a drought.  Not good y'all. 

I'm enjoying the start to summer.  My kids have done VBS, the garden is starting to really produce, we've been to the library twice...I'm feeling the unwind starting to happen.  The end of the school year just about killed me this year and it has taken me longer than normal to feel the relief of summer break begin.  Does anyone else feel like the last two months of school seem to speed up and make everything crazy?

My pile of projects to work on is growing instead of shrinking.  Is that supposed to happen?  As you get things done the pile shrinks, right?  

My family is considering moving.  Like really moving.  And not just because of job needs or something, but because we want a life change.  We're currently in Southern California. I'd love to be some place with seasons.   We might take some vacations in the Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina area over the next couple of years to see if we feel connected to the area.  Any suggestions on places to see/go while we're there?

How is your summer going?  What are you hoping to still get done before school starts back up?


  1. I know how you feel about projects...every time I finish one I have ideas for 3 more! It never ends!

  2. Hi,

    I'm in Franklin, TN. Do some research on it. The schools are great, the people are friendly, and you'll get at least 3 seasons here. Ha! We have summer (it's humid and hot), fall (it's terrific!), and winter (we have a few snow days here and there where I am). You'll notice I left out spring. We joke that our spring lasts about 2 weeks. I'm exaggerating a little. My favorite times are spring and fall. Seriously, give it a look. You might like what you find.

    As for my piles... I am in total denial. I have piled them in the back of my closet. Out of sight, out of mind!

    Enjoyed your post!


  3. I'm in Virginia and I love it! Every part of Virginia is so different though. The Virginia Beach area has a completely different feel from Northern Virginia where I live. I am about 20 minutes out of DC and about 25 minutes from MD. It is a great and growing area, but traffic can be crazy! There are also very country parts of VA that are lovely. My mom lives in Fredericksburg and it is the perfect mix between a developing area with still enough area to have your own space.

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