Monday, January 9, 2017

Introducing the Multiplication Practice Series!

Finally!  This one has been rolling around in my head for a while.

What it is:

-A set of multiplication practice mini packs created for each separate multiplication table.

 -Practice in that number and cumulative practice for 0 through that number.

For example, today I put the twos pack in my store.  There are two activities to do with the twos tables and one no prep game for mixed practice of zeros, ones, and twos.

Why do you need it?

When you're teaching multiplication (or reviewing it in upper grades), you sometimes need to target a certain set or table repeatedly.  This set of mini packs allows you to pick and choose.  Also, most teachers teach multiplication one table at a time.  Then they mix it all up at the end.  I prefer to keep reviewing what they've just learned along the way, so I've included cumulative review in each pack.  It can be hard to find mixed practice for only certain tables!  It also helps reinforce the previous tables for those students that are little slower at picking it up.

What's next?

The threes!  I'll be posting these in order.  Then at the end I'll bundle them for those of you who want the whole set.

Why did you start with twos and not zeros?

I have found that most students really don't need much practice with zeros and ones.  The twos are where it starts to get real. ;)

Head over to my TPT store and download yours today for only $1.50!

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