Monday, February 13, 2017

The Multiplication Bundle is Here!

Ok, in all truthfulness, it's been here.  I just forgot to blog about it.  ;)

All mini support packs (2-12) are in my store, and the bundle is there as well!

The bundle has all the support packs PLUS two additional exclusive freebies that are only available in the bundle.

And did I mention the bundle is discounted? That's right!  If you were to buy the mini packs separately, you'd pay $17.  While that's a fabulous deal for more than 30 practice activities, when you get the bundle you only pay $12.50!  Can I get a "Woot Woot!"?

And you get two exclusive freebies with it!  You get the Multiplication Pattern Mini Book and Factors and Multiples Puzzle Pieces which are only available in the bundle.

Head on over to my TPT store and download it right now!

Here's the rundown of what's included (copied from my store description):

Save money by buying this packet - get all of my multiplication mini support packs plus two exclusive freebies that are only available in this bundle!

Multiplication mastery is such a key component in other math skills for the remainder of a child's education. This packet provides practice and games in ways that engage students more than regular timed drills.

This bundle includes everything in all my multiplication support mini packs at a discounted rate and also includes 2 freebies you can only get in this bundle!

All activities are either low prep or no prep. Each of the packs include practice for the specific table being focused on and for cumulative review from 0-that number. For example, the twos pack includes two ways to practice twos, plus a review game for 0-2 mixed facts.

Included activities:
-circle the 2's
-2x2 art
-0-2 square garden cumulative practice game
-3's odd or even products
-Make a chain 3's game
-Race to 100 0-3 review game
-Missing product 4's practice
-4's array art
-multiplication concentration 0-4 mixed facts
-5 facts maze
-Fast Facts 5s game
-Cumulative review 0-5 mystery picture
-Missing factors with 6s
-Bump with 6s
-Domino War 0-6 mixed practice
-Circle the 7's
-You're on a Roll! practice 7s
-Square garden game cumulative review 0-7
-Roll and Solve 8s
-Make a Chain game with 8s
-Race to 100 mixed practice 0-8
-Missing Factors 9s
-5 in a Row with 9s
-Multiplication Concentration review 0-9
-Multiplication Word Search with 10s
-10s maze
-War with cards cumulative review of 0-10
-Matching Elevens
-Bumping Elevens game
-I Have Who Has cumulative review of 0-11
-True or False? with 12s
-Fast Facts game with 12s
-Speed Grid review of 0-12

The freebies included:
-Multiplication Pattern Mini Book
-Factors and Multiples puzzle pieces

This is meant to supplement your regular multiplication program by providing extra games and critical thinking printables for students in order to have repeated engagement with facts.

Click here to get it!

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