Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Lunch - A Late Post

If you didn't know, I am no longer in the classroom.  I write for TPT, I sub at my kids' school, I occasionally do intervention or trainings, but mostly I am almost at my kids' school as a volunteer and part of the PTA there.  As a result of missing teaching and being in PTA, I almost always volunteer for the jobs that encourage and thank the teachers. That's really where my heart it right now.  This was my first time taking over the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. 

I had fun.  The teachers had lots of positive comments.  And, most importantly, they seemed to look relaxed and happy leaving the lounge after lunch that day while sipping drinks from colorful cups with palm tree straws.  ;)

So here's what I went with.  It was a Lorax Luau theme.  It combined a tropical theme with Dr. Seuss.  Don't ask me why, it's a long story. 

I started before teacher appreciation week with these invitations.  (We had just paid for a new playground structure...you'll see why that's pertinent when you read the invitation poem I wrote).  Forgive the sad picture from my phone in poor lighting.  I only remembered to take the pic as I was sticking them in teacher boxes,

We catered it from Ono Hawaiian BBQ, who provided some delicious aloha chicken, green salad, rice, and crab Rangoon.  I also make a tropical fruit salad, Hawaiian rolls and pineapple cupcakes with coconut buttercream frosting to go along with it.  We had tropical iced tea and Hawaiian punch to wash it all down.  Hawaiian music played softly in the background.  All I forgot was to scent the air with something tropical.

Little Lorax faces peeked out from several places all over the lounge, including the menu at the door:

And speaking of the door, we had to set the stage right away, so this is what welcomed them on the outside, and we greeted them with leis and "aloha"s on the inside.

Here's a closer look at what the blurb said:

I didn't do a very good job at capturing the truffula trees I made and put in clusters all over the lounge; but, you can see one group of them by the supply room door and you can see the tropical decorations in this shot.

At the end I donated the truffula trees and some Lorax pots (you'll see them soon) to some primary teachers who do a lot on Read Across America Day.

At the food table we had silverware wrapped and placed in the Lorax pots:

And another Lorax pot was by the door with truffula pens to give teachers as they left.  There was a message with the pens about how in the story of The Lorax the truffula trees were an invaluable resource that made the forest and all its inhabitants thrive, and that they (the teachers) were like the truffula trees, an invaluable resource, key to making our children thrive. 

And that was it!  I hope they felt loved on and appreciated!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer Bridge Practice for Fourth Graders Going to Fifth Grade

Stop the summer slide and bridge the gap between fourth and fifth grade with this summer practice pack!  Math, reading, writing, grammar, research, science, social studies...it's all here!  There's also a parent letter explaining the packet and the importance of keeping the brain active over summer, a reading log, suggested reading list, and much more!


This is one of those projects I've been working on for a while.  It seemed to go on and on and on.  I'm finally finished and it's available to you in my TPT store!

Every subject is covered and it is all stuff a fourth grader should be able to do independently (other than a parent possibly driving them to a library) and uses items from around the house.  

Just copy and send it home!

Get yours now!