Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Plans?

This is a 'just thinking while my fingers are on the keyboard' type post.  No product, no fun pictures, no how-to...just journaling really.  
I feel like everyone has already gotten out of school except us.  We still have a whole week to go!  But that does not stop me from making summer plans.

I sat down yesterday and corralled all my notes and lists about stuff I want to do this summer or needed to put off until summer because life is too busy at the end of the school year to do everything.  I bet you know how that feels.

Have you ever made your summer list and decided it was too long?  That's what happened to me yesterday.  At first, I thought I could get it all in.  I made weekly plan sheets and assigned everything a spot so I could make sure it all got done.  It technically could, if I don't want to enjoy summer break at all.  Sigh.  Now I'm looking my list and deciding what needs to go.  

What I ended up deciding was that maybe I would just prioritize and do the most important things first,  then when those things got done the rest could fill in the remainder of the summer.  The problem is that some of those things can't be done until after certain dates.  For example, there are a few things I want to do that I can't do until after the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in July. There are some household things I can't do until after we make an out of town trip to my husband's class reunion.  

Still, I haven't lost hope.  And (until a few weeks into summer at least) I haven't lost focus.  

I now have a list of most important tasks.  They MUST be done before the end of summer.  I tried to include the most important one or two items from each of my areas of life.  They aren't in order of importance but they are the most important 10 items.  That way, I can be flexible in how I get them done.  Every day I can look at it and ask myself - "Can I do something on this list today?" and if so, do it.  If I can't because I'm waiting for a certain time, all hope is not lost, because I WILL eventually be able to say yes to that item.  

So here's what's on my Must Do list this summer (Top Ten):

1-   Get my TPT newsletter e-mail list up and running!  That's right, I will finally have monthly tips and anecdotes for you!  Look for that in late July or early August.

2-  Change out my old product covers.  Please don't go back and sort my products by most recent and scroll down to my oldest.  I really didn't know what I was doing then as far as cover design goes.  Seriously.  Don't. 

3-  Take my kids to the library weekly and have 'reading parties' at home after each visit.  We usually go to the library a lot in the summer, but this year I'm adding the reading party to make it more fun and have calm afternoons.  A reading party is really just sitting around with free range snacks and all reading our own books on blankets, etc...

4-  Finish and publish my cookbook.  I've mentioned it in passing before.  I'm publishing a cookbook!  It's been a long time coming.  The end is near.  Thank goodness.

5-  Preserve all my garden produce so nothing gets wasted.  Seriously.  Share, can, dry, freeze, it needs to be a priority.  I'm great at getting to my tomatoes every year but not necessarily everything else.

6-  Take the kids to grandma's pool more often.  I'm not putting a number of visits on this one.  More often will be better than the 'next to none' last year.  I am hoping to get it done once a week though.

7-  Clean out the garage.  I semi did this in January so I'm hoping this will be a quick 1-2 day job. 

8-  Deep clean the girl's room.  I'll be packing up their room again like I did last summer - just to get rid of stuff.  But they will be cleaning it top to bottom.

9-  Redecorate my son's room.  He's promoting from 6th grade to middle  school next week and he still has the Where the Wild Things Are motif I painted everywhere when he was a baby.  It's way past time to update his room. 

10- Have a good trip with the family.  We're heading to Northern California for my husband's 20 year class reunion.  It's just a 4 day trip, but I am hoping to be present, not doing any business, and enjoying nature with them.  That sounds easy, but we leave the day after the Teachers Pay Teachers conference ends.  I know I will have a ton of stuff going through my head that I will be motivated to work on and think about.  It will be a struggle for me to fight that natural motivation instead of work with it.  

So those are my top ten.  There are tons of other things I'm not ignoring.  I hope to continue my kids cooking lessons, do a small scrapbook retreat, get my kids science fair project done ahead of time like we did last summer (which rocked when schools started), teach my girls to sew, and much much more.  But if I get these top 10 things done I will count summer as a success.  Wish me luck!

I actually counted everything on my list and there were 127 things.  I'm not even sure how to react to that. 

What's on your 'must do' list this summer?  I'd love to know!