Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My 18 Before 2018 List

I love this idea from Lisa Jacobs.  She makes a list in the second half of each year with as many items as are in the year number (not 2000!).  Last year was 17 before 2017, this year is 18 before 2018.  It's meant to be a time when you take a look back at your beginning of the year goals and recent items and to find those things that you feel like you really need to finish up to close out the year with a feeling of accomplishment.  I find it to be rejuvenating at a time of year when I need some goal revitalizing. 


These can be personal, professional, a combination (like mine), whatever.  While I didn't start mine at the beginning of the second half, I have recently realized that there are 18 more full weeks until 2018.  That means I can try to concentrate on just one thing a week.

I know we may not want to think about the year ending, and it seems like there's still quite a bit of time left, but this year I have some goals I really want to finish.  Things that need to be tied up.  Things I promised myself I would do just for me.  Things that will help me end 2017 with a bang.

I'm listing my items below.  If you do this feel free to link to your list in the comment section!

18 before 2018:

1-  Finish setting up my e-mail process for my TPT followers. (business goal)

2- Finish and publish my cookbook. (business goal)

3-  Set up another e-mail list for my foodie followers on my daily ration blog. (business goal)

4-  Clean out our shed in the backyard. (home and family goal)

5-  Clear out the garage and organize it. (home and family goal)

6-  Hit my goal weight. (personal goal)

7-  Clean out my clothes and purge. (personal goal)

8-  Complete a December Daily Album. (personal)

9-  Finish 2016 December Daily. (personal)

10-  Finish 2015 December Daily. (personal- seeing a theme here)

11-  Finish Project Life.  2016 (personal)

12-  Finished Project Life. 2017 (personal)

13-  Treat myself to massage and manicure. (personal)

14-  Actually send a newsletter to my foodie e-mails list. (business)

15-  Send a newsletter to my TPT followers. (business)

16-  Post the $50 in new products that I have on my "next projects" list. (business)

17-  Catch up on my One Little Word album. (personal)

18-  List stamps sets I cleared out on Etsy or let them go. (home)

And that's it!  A bit of work productivity, a little bit of healthy, a little bit of home and family service, a little bit of mental health boosting....

What's on your list?

Friday, August 4, 2017

Curated Back to School Ideas

It's that time of year!  It doesn't matter how many years you've been teaching, most educators are always looking for fresh ways to start the new year.  

Here are a few ideas I've been loving on Pinterest lately (click the photos to go to the pin).

You can peruse my whole Beginning of the Year Board here:

But here are my favorite top few:

I love these throw backs from Secondary English Coffee Shop!  They'd make a great 'time capsule' and review at the end of the school year.  It's a free printable too!

I love the snowball fight activity and this one is from Rachel Lynette.

This beautiful art project/social skills project from Mrs. Thomas' Treasures would be great in the first week or two! 

Working on growth mindset?  This book is fabulous and Kirsten's Caboodle has activities to go with it.

What about getting year-long project ready? Like emergency sub plans, a collection of art and poetry for the year, or or back to school ideas that connect to end of the year ideas?

I love this style of welcome letter from Mrs. Southard!

And last but not least, I really like this reminder activity of how to be a good classmate from More Thank a Worksheet.

I'd love to know what you're doing for Back to School. If you have a blog post or video with your special activities, classroom tours, or back to school organizing, leave a link in the comments below!


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

And the Winner Is...

Yesterday I offered a free $10 gift card from Teachers Pay Teachers!  I placed all the entries from the comments below, Instagram, and also my Facebook page and assigned each a number.  

Then I put them all in the random number generator online and I got 5.

Who was number 5? Denise Talbott with her Facebook entry!

Thanks for entering Denise!  E-mail me within 48 hours at Alicia@TheElementaryProfessor.com and I'll respond with your gift card code.  

For everyone else, there is still a sale going on - 25% off my whole store!