Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fall Classroom Ideas for Upper Elementary

Do you 3rd-6th grade teachers ever feel like k-2 get all the fun with the seasons and holidays?  Well not this year.  I'm determined to post every season and/or holiday with fun, valuable learning activities. 

Let's start right now with fall!

There are a ton of upper grade art ideas, but I think I'll do those last.  How about we start with inclusive units and then we can do separate subjects?

Products and ideas for multiple subject areas:

How about we start with a fall pretzel pack.  I love this because it is not "Halloween" specific so you can use it if you have kids who don't celebrate that and you can use it through November.  It includes math, reading, writing and art.  And learning with food is always engaging.

Here are the specifics about what is in the pak:
-Pumpkin shaped fraction book (equivalents, comparison, +/-, probability and percentages) The book is easy to alter for what your students have covered- just leave off pages of topics that haven’t yet been covered.
-graphing and data
-writing prompts (12 prompts, both fiction and nonfiction are included)
-nonfiction original reading selection about bats in the ecosystem
-Ratio art drawing project

I also love this blog post from Rundee's Room.  She has candy graphing, a blood model, and, my personal favorite, the candy corn math and pumpkin pie math.

Let's move on to Language Arts:

I've never read this book but it looks fun!  If you've read it, please leave us a review in the comments!

How about this $1 game with synonyms?

Let's not forget Science!

I have two STEM labs in my store that fit well into fall!  The Pumpkin Chuckin' Engingeering Challenge is one of my top sellers!

And what could beat learning about density through bobbing for apples?

A random idea:

Does anyone decorate their door to match the seasons?  We don't decorate the outside of doors around here because we don't have indoor hallways so weathering would be an issue.  I'm always jealous of teachers who can do this:

OK- On to art and the plethora of beautiful projects out there!

I love this lesson on abstract leaves.  They look so elegant.  And there's a step by step tutorial to go with it!

This 3D pumpkin and cat also have a step by step lesson.  You'll have to throw in the whole "blend different colors of orange and yellow to get the pumpkin looking right" lesson but it's the simplest 3D I've seen with this level of coolness.

Silhouette's are always easy but striking:

Pumpkin names!

And last but not least, I love the look of these pastel pumpkins on the vine:

There you have it!  A plethora of ideas from upper grade math, science, language, and for the 'maturing' artist.

Do you have any fabulous ideas for fall in the upper elementary classroom?  Tell us about them in the comments!

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