Thursday, September 7, 2017

Indoor PE Freebie!

I saw this type of thing on a health and exercise board somewhere recently and I thought it would be a great idea for indoor PE and recess.  So I adapted it to fit younger people and made a freebie for you!

Here's how it works:

You make sure kids know how to do each of the exercises listed.  That alone could be an indoor PE day.

Then you give them a word to start with.  I was thinking it would be fun to start with their names.  Demonstrate with your own name.  You just spell the name or word and do the work out as you go.  For example, Bob would do 5 crunches for B, then 5 burpees for O, then another 5 crunches for the last B.

Then you can get creative.  Have kids work out their spelling words, or words from content study such as sedimentary, fraction, see where I'm going with this?! Even character traits would be good.  You can incorporate it into any subject.

As a little side bonus, I added a second page with a 2x at the bottom.  You could use that one to prompt kids to automatically do it twice, or you could use the plain one I have and write on it or put a sticky note at the bottom to tell how many time they should repeat.

For display:  You could use a document camera or similar equipment to project it for the class to see. You could also make it into a poster and laminate it if you think you'll use it a lot.  Or you could print one for each student to keep in their desks for whenever you tell them to pull it out.

Don't let the rainy days and snow days (or in my case high-heat days) keep those kids from getting their wiggles out!

If you have other great ideas for indoor PE and recess I'd love for you to post it for all to see in the comments below.

Oh! I just thought of another use- it would make a good center!

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